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  • Are the memberships lock in contracts ?
    No. We can all understand that life is a forever changing experience. In that respect we are proud to state all our weekly memberships are no lock-in contracts. All memberships can be cancelled at any time with a 2 week cancellation policy from the day you request to cancel.
  • Is there a limit to how many sessions I can book?
    There is no limit to the amount of sessions that you are able to book. With memberships we want to provide you with the most value to reward your loyalty. Premium and Platinum VIP members have a limit on how many Cryotherapy sessions they may book per week however Performance, Revive and Detox bookings are unlimited.
  • Am I able to upgrade or downgrade my membership?
    Yes ! Life and goals are forever changing so we choose to remain flexible to support that. Just ask our friendly staff to make the change for you and your next billing cycle will be on the new membership.
  • Can I change my bookings?
    Yes, you can change your booking anytime. Find your original booking email, click the reschedule link, and follow the prompts. OR Give us a call on 07 3205 4385 and we can do it for you.
  • Are bookings mandatory?
    Although we do take walk ins, we highly encourage you to book your visit online to ensure there is space and you aren't coming in during a private group booking or when the centre is full. It will also allow us to ensure the centre is ready and the equipment is on ready for your arrival. Members are required to book.
  • Do I require an account to book?
    Casual Bookings: No. You will simply fill out your details required for the booking. Members: Yes. Once you buy a membership you will be redirected to the members booking page. If you haven't made an account already you will need to create one. Once you have signed up please allow up to 24 hours for our staff to unlock your access to the members booking page to start making bookings.
  • Are Group Bookings available ?
    Yes. We love group bookings ! For bookings of five or more people, please apply online. Alternatively, you can contact us during business hours on (07) 3205 4385 to discuss your team/group booking needs.
  • Is there a way to trial the Protocols ?
    Yes ! We offer a trial Performance pass for 50% off if it's your first visit, to allow you the chance to come try everything out and see if you'd like to add recovery to your weekly routine.
  • Is parking available onsite ?
    Plenty ! We have up-to 8 car spaces at our door, and plenty of street parking. We also have the ability to fit team buses for the full team experience !
  • Are the Recovery sessions private or communal ?
    We only offer private recovery sessions for groups of 15 or more, Part of the Inside Out experience is interacting with our wonderful community. This makes it a fun and relaxing vibe, and it's always easier to achieve better results when we share our experiences, recovery protocols or tips and tricks to fight the urge to jump out of an ice bath ! We pride ourselves on providing a community that is respectful of others in the shared environment, and any inappropriate, aggressive, discriminatory or sexual behaviour will not be tolerated. All of our bathrooms and showers are completely private.
  • What do I need to bring ?
    We recommend the following: 1 - 2 towels. 1 for sweat while you're in the sauna, 1 for water after your shower and spa use. A change of clothes Swimmers or togs
  • Is there a limit on the amount of recovery I can do?
    Although this is a very common question, the answer is not so much. It is all dependant on your schedule, activity and stress levels and health. We highly recommend our memberships which allows an unlimited experience and allows you to get the best advantage to be recovered at all times, however medical advice and research is the best option here !
  • What is the age restriction for the therapies
    People aged 14 years and over are allowed to use the general facility. 14 -18 year olds will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have written approval and consent. Our liability waiver will be required to be signed by a parent or guardian on the first visit to the centre All memberships for minors require parental signed consent sent to
  • Is there an order I must use the equipment ?
    No ! there are many benefits that can be achieved or optimised by using the facility in different ways. There is only a couple entry requirements for some of our protocols; All clients must shower before entering the spas A towel must be used in our saunas Clients must be dry for Cryotherapy and Compression therapy Please feel free to ask our friendly staff to recommend the best order for your specific needs.
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