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Struggling with discomfort from daily life, sports, or poor sleep? Notice the toll on your posture, joints and range of motion?


Discover Inside Out Active Recovery, where therapist Jarrod offers 20+ years of expertise in pain relief, realignment, and self-care coaching.

Book a session now to rejuvenate your body, relieve pain, and improve your well-being.


Take the first step towards a pain-free, healthier you!


Visit Jarrod at Inside Out Active Recovery, where your body will experience the comprehensive care it needs to start feeling its best. Myofascial stretching, trigger point therapy, sports and intuitive remedial massage are complemented by tools at the centre including cryotherapy, magnesium spa, ice bath, infrared sauna, inversion table, compression and percussion therapy.

Jarrod has been working with the human body for over two decades. An athlete since his youth, Jarrod studied health and physical educational, sports and recreation at school before teaching swimming, martial arts, gymnastics, rock climbing and obstacle training.

He then became a qualified personal trainer with a long list of regular clients, a Dad of three girls, a natural bodybuilder competing on the world stage, and later on, an Australian Ninja Warrior. 

Jarrod discovered early on he had a natural and intuitive gift for hands-on therapy - how to stretch, massage and move his family, friends and clients to provide much needed relief from pain. He became qualified, and has since studied and been tutored by leading physiotherapists and bodyworkers who taught him many different functional training & treatment methods.

After many years of pushing clients (and himself) to train harder, Jarrod now focuses on helping people to heal their bodies, take better care of themselves for longevity, and ensure they can keep doing the things they love for many decades to come. 

Here's how it works:


Simply book a session with Jarrod.

Experience the benefits of his expertise and he will ensure you stay accountable to your self-care routine.

He's not just a therapist; he's a motivational self-care coach, guiding you with strategies to take better care of yourself.

Without proper care, your body can endure unnecessary pain, discomfort, and the consequences of poor posture, repetitive movements and lack of self care.

By adding regular stretching and massage treatments to your self-care routine at Inside Out Active Recovery, you'll rejuvenate your body, alleviate pain, and enjoy improved overall well-being.

Don't wait any longer! Book your session with Jarrod now to embark on a journey towards a healthier, pain-free you.


Click the link below to schedule your appointment today:


My wife and I went for a spar day. Jarrod offered us a stretch out.(must have been a slow day). My wife went first he started on me and found alot of my old and current injuries from sport. I decided to go for the hour massage. It took Jarrod most of the hour to release a few nerves in my neck and shoulder. Since he did his magic I have woken up with no pain in my neck or shoulder. I am now 3 days in and going back to make sure all my nerves are in the correct place. Jarrod I will see you on Monday.

Thanks again

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