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About Us

At Inside Out Active Recovery we offer affordable enhanced recovery options to achieve physical and mental performance.

We  do this by providing easy to follow step by step protocols during timed sessions whereby you will have access to advanced recovery therapies and a guiding staff member who can walk you through every session.


This is the core foundation on which Inside Out Active Recovery is built. It’s our devotion to continue to help everyone from all walks of life.  We seek to empower our community to take control of their life, wellbeing and recovery both physically and mentally through our services, support and our growing inclusive community.


We are convinced that, with the right equipment, information and accessibility, everyone can grow towards greater mental and physical health. We guide and support our community to grow to their greatest potential and achieve whatever goals they may have. 

Our Values



All in One

We strive to provide the world’s best recovery techniques backed by science and used by professional athletes to optimise recovery, wellbeing and performance.

We provide a wide range of recovery modalities all under the one roof and provide an all in one experience.


For Everyone 

We are dedicated to providing premium evidence based recovery and wellness services to the everyone.

No matter who you are, what you do or  what walk of life you come from, we strive to empower you towards your own unique needs, so that you may experience greater health and happiness in your lives physically, emotionally and mentally.   


Accessible and Affordable 

In line with our All in One and For Everyone approach, we are doing everything to ensure we are available and affordable.

We ensure we are open for extended hours so we are able to fit within you schedule and lifestyle.

We strive to make these science based techniques very affordable, as we believe these therapies are a necessary way to ensure health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically.

“Awesome recovery facility for strength athletes or anyone serious about their fitness and general health. Much better equipped than any other facility in the Brisbane area."

Regan Mitchell, QLD

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